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Trusted and Real-Time Data Cleansing to Help You Navigate Through the Pandemic Without Losing Business.

Think before you market your stale data. Think of us.

Keeping Bad Data at Bay in the wake of the pandemic, data decay and hygiene are top concerns. Make your efforts shine with our in-demand data cleansing services. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact businesses worldwide, it's crucial to address the issue of stale data. Every day, tons of data becomes outdated, and millions of job changes occur. It's time to put an end to it. At BorgDirect, we connect all the missing points and help you get rid of outdated information, errors, accidental deletions, and accumulated loads of irrelevant data through our Data Cleansing services. Our efficient CRM systems will help you eliminate unnecessary and redundant data that has accumulated over time. In today's world, where data decay is a major concern for leading organizations like yours, cleansing bad data is a critical move in your marketing strategy. A great marketing strategy is always incomplete without an efficient Data Cleansing strategy.

This is a defining moment for our generation. It will take a collective effort to overcome the crisis we are in. Let's start with data cleansing. Basic data has an incredibly short lifespan. Approximately 40% of people change their phone numbers annually, and about 37% change their email addresses periodically, leading to inaccuracies in 25% of data or more. In the current pandemic scenario, organizations need business intelligence, operational efficiency, and Data Cleansing.

Get in Touch with an Expert in Continuous Improvement with Data Quality to Combat data decay with Data Quality Intelligence during the pandemic. Industries worldwide have experienced a downturn, and the data landscape has changed dramatically within a short period. As a growing marketing firm, it's crucial to ensure that your data is up-to-date. Implementing healthy data practices to eliminate incomplete, fraudulent, and duplicate data is essential. With BorgDirect's services, you can expect reliable and accurate data once you subscribe. We address multiple entry points, such as web forms, social media, and surveys, ensuring the integrity of your data.

Bad data can have detrimental effects on your company's growth, especially during a disastrous event like a pandemic. With our CRM Data Cleansing services, you can achieve customer satisfaction and retention. We minimize error-led email deliveries, leading to lower spam reports and opt-outs. By cleansing your data, you can avoid prolonging the sales cycle or adding unnecessary costs to your sales and distribution channels.
Let's Work Together During the Pandemic to Combat Data Decay and Improve Data Hygiene with a Data Cleansing Roadmap. You need CRM cleansing, and we are the experts. As long as COVID-19 persists, businesses and the global economy will continue to face significant challenges.

Get in Touch with Us Just like stale food, stale data can hinder even the best marketing strategies. Think about it. Data is essential, especially during these times. As a business, it's essential to rethink your data strategy through data cleansing and focus on sales, which ultimately leads to profitability and growth. Organizations that solely rely on sales growth for hefty valuations will no longer find buyers. The focus should be on good data and achieving sustainable profit growth. Data and IT security have become even more critical for businesses. With the help of clean and reliable data, survival, optimization, and efficiency become achievable.

Now is the time to leverage the remote working capabilities of your team, as options are limited. Strongly invest in business continuity and resilience measures. Make your data a top priority and avoid falling into the pitfalls of bad or decayed data.
Example: Consider a marketing team utilizing a CRM system to manage customer data and execute targeted campaigns. As the team accumulates new leads and customer information, the CRM database may become cluttered with duplicate records, inconsistent data formats, and outdated contact details. BorgDirect's CRM Data Cleansing service would meticulously analyze the database, identifying and removing duplicate entries, standardizing data formats, and updating contact information with accurate and current details. By ensuring data accuracy and integrity, BorgDirect enables the marketing team to execute personalized and effective campaigns, improve customer segmentation, and achieve higher campaign engagement and conversion rates. The result is a streamlined and optimized CRM database that empowers the marketing team to achieve their marketing goals with precision and efficiency.

Finally, why do you precisely need data cleansing? Increased Efficiency: Enhanced data quality leads to maximum ROI, resulting in increased efficiency. Data quality plays a significant role in how data is collected and organized across departments.

Effective Decision-Making: Accurate insights from real-time and on-location data allow businesses to fine-tune their strategies or tactics promptly, taking advantage of opportunities or averting crises.
Improved Cost: Having relevant and consistent data reduces storage space, resulting in minimized costs for your business. Maintaining data centers, servers, and databases may not always be budget-friendly. You can optimize costs and effectively meet your marketing targets.

Accelerated Sales Performance: Sales performance is one of the most critical aspects, and good quality data allows sales consultants and other B2B users to follow quality leads, reducing time wasted on unqualified prospects. Good data also measures the most valuable customers, enabling tailored reward programs for customer retention.

At BorgDirect, we are committed to delivering exceptional CRM Data Cleansing services. Contact us now with the link - Steve Calendly to learn more about how we can help you cleanse your data and optimize your marketing strategies, ensuring accurate and reliable customer data that fuels your business success.