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We’ve been running email marketing campaigns for over two decades for clients across different industries and geographies. Our campaigns involve thorough research on the target audience and personas and highly personalized copy.
From copywriting to A/B testing messaging to developing a strong reporting and analytics framework, our approach is scientific and data-driven. We have sent well over 100 million emails and know what works and what doesn't. Try our email marketing service today and see an increase in qualified appointments and revenue.

Custom BorgMailer Platform

Our in house proprietary email marketing platform was developed keeping in mind companies that want to launch high volume email marketing campaigns. In combination with our list & data services, you can now avail of our email marketing packages that are fully done for you. For each campaign, we provide granular reporting on open, click, reply and unsub rates. You provide us information on your target audience and offer and we do the heavy lifting for you.

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