How Altoros improved their new customer acquisition with BorgDirect’s ultra-focused database marketing

Challenge: Altoros, a US-based company specializing in Cloud-Native Platform and
Kubernetes consulting and support services, sought the assistance of BorgDirect Marketing
to broaden its clientele and increase its brand recognition through sales prospecting and
brand awareness outreach initiatives.

Solution: Altoros partnered with BorgDirect Marketing, leveraging their huge database of
prospective buyers and technology data installs using the exact key technologies that
Altoros had identified in their buyer personas. BorgDirect's data team did a deep dive into
the database to prepare a larger list of audiences based on Altoros' high-level filtering
criteria, including titles, company sizes, and technologies like Kubernetes, AKS, EKS, and
others. The data was manually verified for accuracy, and Altoros showed interest in
BorgDirect's email marketing services. BorgDirect used their custom-built email marketing
platform to run a series of campaigns with marketing collateral and high-level copy provided
by Altoros. The campaigns had granular reporting, included social media sharing buttons,
and were executed with a high degree of precision.

Within the first two weeks of engaging, it was clear the BorgDirect could play a significant
role in helping Altoros run tailor-made outreach campaigns to targeted executives at
companies utilizing this software.
Said Altoros Director of Business Development - Igor Aksinin, We were excited to
partner with BorgDirect because they have a huge database of prospective
buyers using the exact key technologies that we’ve identified in our buyer
personas, refined over years.”

We setup multi-email deployments using marketing collateral & high-level copy provided by
Altoros to help them double their opt-ins and lead flow. All campaigns had granular high
level detailed tracking reporting included because we care deeply about the results we drive
for clients. This attitude differentiates BorgDirect from many other agencies and helped us
work with Altoros over the long term to perfect their personas and outreach campaigns.

Says Steve Borg, Founder and CEO at BorgDirect, “We were extremely pleased that to
have the opportunity BorgDirect leveraged it’s in-house, custom built email
marketing platform to run a series of tailor-made campaigns to the targeted
prospects list.“

Results: BorgDirect's high-quality data, accurate filtering criteria, and manual verification of
contact information helped Altoros test the performance of email marketing with exceptional
opens and clicks while doubling Altoros' opt-ins and lead flow, and generating increased
brand awareness. The collaboration between Altoros and BorgDirect led to a long-term
partnership to perfect their personas and outreach campaigns, with BorgDirect managing
unsubscribes and opt-outs to improve campaign quality. BorgDirect provided a beautiful
tracking report that impressed Altoros. The overall campaign was a great success,
generating an increase in qualified opportunities for Altoros.