Our USA Consumer Datacard has extensive data on consumers across the United States to help you run effective direct mail, phone, and email marketing campaigns. The database includes over 350 million consumers at over 155 million addresses and contains demographic information on almost every household in the nation, segregated by age, lifestyle interests, hobbies, purchase behavior, and ethnicity along with detailed financial-related data including mortgage, wealth, and credit attributes

Accurate, Verified, Easy to Access Consumer Datacard

We build the database utilizing hundreds of sources including public records, directories, county recorders, tax assessor files, US Census data, surveys, and purchase transactions. The file is built at both the individual and household levels to provide multiple targeting options. We continuously utilize USPS processing routines to give you the most complete and up-to-date addresses and our daily, weekly, and monthly updates ensure the finest quality of data available.

Some of our popular email and mailing lists for US Consumer Datacard include:



High Net-Worth Individuals

Pain Ailments

Magazines & Books Buyers



Agriculture Enthusiasts

Music Enthusiasts

Sporting Enthusiasts

Apparel & Fashion Enthusiasts

Outdoor Activities Enthusiast


Charity Donors List

Interior & Backyard Decorating Enthusiasts

Diet Supplement Buyers

Outdoor Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast



Vision Correction

Mental Disorder

Hair Concerns

Digestion Problem

Food & Beverages Enthusiast



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