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Last Updated Date: 28th May, 2023

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The global construction industry soared to a whopping US$ 12,744.4 in 2019. This figure shows a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.1% since 2015. With such staggering numbers, you ought to tap sales leads within this sector. If you already extend business offerings to the construction industry, then kudos, you can make incredible profits if you have the right contacts. If not, you can always procure them from  BorgDirect. How? By leveraging our Construction Industry Email List.

The  BorgDirect’s Construction Company Contact List consists of individuals within all levels of the construction business. Email, postal and telemarketing data are available for a multi-channel campaign. Our file includes businesses from many areas of the construction industry including building companies and contractors.

We have sourced construction industry data from a multitude of event-driven directories. A strong commitment to accuracy and attention to detail makes  BorgDirect’s Construction Companies Directory one of the highest-quality business lists available, for rental or purchase. It has been designed and customized for, and used successfully by, organizations selling high-value-added products or services.

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