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Last Updated Date: 28th May, 2023

Avail Mailing List of Companies Using AWS

Amazon web services (AWS) is a platform by Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing solutions to individuals, companies, and governments. This platform's users span various sectors, which presents umpteen opportunities for marketers across the globe. However, connecting with tech users is always a daunting task. The reasons could be extreme competition, lack of updated and reliable data, or absence of a customized marketing database. BorgDirect frees you from all these hassles by empowering your channelized marketing campaigns with the AWS Customers List. This list comprises millions of contact details of the companies that use Amazon web services.

Our exquisite AWS Services List is a sufficient repository for your marketing initiatives. Regardless of your business's size or geographical location, we ensure your marketing initiatives with an extra edge with this updated and accurate data bank. From collecting the contact details to validating the database, we follow a highly comprehensive process. We know that the B2B marketing data degrades at a rate of 15 percent per month. And thus, to help you connect with the key decision-makers, we update all the records in this database daily. What else? We give you the luxury to avail of the AWS Clients Lists in customized formats.

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