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Last Updated Date: 24th May, 2023

Getting to know Mongo DB

Considering that your business growth is directly proportional to the extent, impact and response of your b2b campaigns, are you sure you can risk it with your present resources and tools? With Lake B2B’s MongoDB users email addresses you can mitigate risk smartly by letting the experts concentrate on collating data while you can focus on your business plans instead!

Why MongoDB is the preferred choice of most: Classified as a NoSQL database, MongoDB since its launch in 2009 has established itself as a premium document-oriented database. Known for its innovative next-generation open source database technology, it is scalable and performance driven being used in some of the most prominent organizations in the global business milieu including SAP, Foursquare, eBay, MetLife, Shutterfly etc. It supports dynamic schema designs, rejecting the use of tables and rows making the integration of data faster and effective. Some of its main features are: Ad hoc queries, load balancing, indexing, file storage, replication etc.

So here’s what we recommend! If organizations are upgrading themselves to next-gen databases, then it’s time for your marketing campaigns to use next-gen tools as well! So stop being outdated and channelize your b2b campaigns with the MongoDB users mailing list!

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