How to improve your email marketing campaigns

One of the most effective forms of marketing communication is through email. It is more direct and allows for crucial content to be delivered in a unobstructed manner unlike in the case of verbal and other forms of written communication

To construct a well composed and effective email requires a nuanced understanding several factors, all of which work together the influence the success of your email campaigns:

  • Ensuring that the copy is highly targeted and relevant to the type of audience the communication is intended for
  • Ensuring that the content is succinct and legible enough to make the email readable at a just a glance since time is of the essence.
  • With readability in mind the subject line of the email is of crucial importance – terse, to the point and should play the role of a precursor to the subsequent information that follows through. The subject lines are what impact the open rates the most…so keep A/B testing until you find great subject lines that give high open rates.
  • An email based marketing campaign is not only effective in terms of delivering content but also in terms of revenue generation. For this, it is vital that the email be constructed in a way that serves the perceived needs of the audience and incites them to take action through subtle call to actions, embedded within the copy.

As an email marketer, create content which causes engagement as well as excites curiosity and interest for the reader. The content of the email must be structured in a way that it leaves an impression in the mind of the receiver long enough enough for them to follow through and take the desired action. At the same time, delivering valuable information around the benefits of the services/products that you’re promoting.

It is no wonder that world class email writers and copywriters are some of the highest paid on the planet. A well crafted campaign can easily pull in tens of thousands of dollars.

Among other things, also take into account the value of email etiquette and whether there are any cultural/geographical nuances of the target audience that needs consideration when crafting the email.

Some questions to consider during the process are:

  • How to begin?
    • What introduction?
    • What copy to use in your opening line?
    • How to break the ice and build rapport?
  • How to end?
    • If you come across as too salesy, you will likely lose them.
    • If you don’t provide enough value, you will likely not get enough action.
    • If you use too many external links, email providers will ban you for over-spamming.
  • What general tone to use?
    • Is it welcoming or adversely toned?
    • Is it friendly or professional?
    • Is it friendly and includes empathic triggers or is it apathetic and disconnective?
  • How to end an email?

It is important to create a sense of connection between the audience and the content/product – an engagement with the content must never end with disinterest but to a looking forward to more communication and information. Ending the email should in a way be like hearing the end of a song that someone likes and even though for the time being the song has ended the desire to listen to it again must remain – it’s all about building connection.

We are all unconsciously looking for content that serves some purpose for our needs whatever they may be.

Another important factor that drives audience engagement is the formatting and aesthetic quality of the emails:

1) Ensure that the emails follow a clearly defined structure of paragraphing and punctuation. Aim for brevity.

2) Images are a nice addition and must be placed strategically to draw the attention towards the subject and induce more engagement and urge towards CTAs.

3) Use bulleted points, bold and italics for emphasis.

There are a wide array of factors that can be constantly tweaked to optimize your email marketing campaigns and the above tips are just a starting point.

Using the services of an email marketing company reduces the need for committing more time towards research and relevant skill development. This allows you to focus more on other aspects of your business. At BorgDirect, we’ve been running email marketing for clients across the globe for almost 20 years. We even have our own custom built email marketing platform that supports higher volumes than most other other platforms on the market.

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