How to leverage industry lists to scale outbound

Industry lists by job title and geography are essential for businesses looking to expand their reach and target new customers. By understanding the needs and preferences of different industries and regions, businesses can tailor their marketing efforts to reach the right audience with the right message.

There are a variety of industry lists available online, organized by job title and geography. Some lists are specific to certain regions, while others cover industries on a global scale. These lists can be an excellent resource for both businesses looking to expand their networks, scale their customer acquisition through outbound channels and gain new insights into their industries.

Job Title-Based Industry Lists:

One of the most common types of industry lists is organized by job title. These lists can be a valuable resource for companies looking to reach a specific persona in a sales & marketing context. If you wish to reach CEOs in a particular target market, we can provide you with a highly curated list of CEOs filtered based on your target criteria, such as company size, revenue, geography.

Generally, a search based on job title yields accurate results.

Geography-Based Industry Lists:

Geography-based industry lists are another valuable resource for businesses. These lists can be organized by region, country, or even city, allowing clients to narrow down their search to specific areas of interest. For example, a list of top companies in the United States might be organized by region, such as the West Coast, East Coast, or Midwest. Alternatively, a list of top companies in the technology industry might be organized by city, such as San Francisco, New York, or Seattle.

These lists can be particularly useful for companies looking at market penetration in a more regional way. Companies that have developed knowledge of their target market can use geographical filters to get higher ROI on their email campaigns and increased response rates.

Benefits of Industry Lists:

Industry lists offer great benefits for business owners looking to scale their customer acquisition through channels like direct mail and email, which are relatively low-cost acquisition channels. If your messaging is strong and you’re able to write compelling, persuasive copy then honing down your target audience into the right criteria by job title and geography can lead to very effective, high-converting campaigns.

At BorgDirect, we’ve been providing lists to companies across the globe and know exactly how to best utilize the contact data to drive high ROI campaigns.

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